Permanent Staff

The permanent introduction fee payable is calculated by applying the relevant percentage to the total first year’s remuneration (the “Salary”). The relevant percentage is the rate

which corresponds with the remuneration band into which the Salary falls (as set out below). It will be applied to the Salary as advised by the Client at the time of booking or the actual Salary, whichever is greater.

The Salary means basic gross annual salary.  The Salary (whether advised or actual) shall always be the amount to be paid during the first 12 months of employment, and shall not be reduced by

(i) The earlier termination of the Candidate’s employment or

any reduction in the Candidate’s remuneration, howsoever arising.   In the case of part time roles, the Salary for the equivalent full time role shall be used to determine the relevant remuneration band, and

the corresponding rate shall be applied to the actual Salary.


Remuneration Band: Permanent and Fixed Term Contract


£0-£24,999  – 15%

£25,000 – £44,999 – 18%

£45,000 – £79,999 – 20%

£80,000 Plus – 22.5%


Agreed Contract Introduction Fee


Up to 6 months

50% of permanent introduction fee

Minimum fee £2000

6 months to 12 months is pro rata of a permanent introduction fee


For the purpose of calculating the permanent introduction fee, the Salary is the Candidate’s gross taxable pay for the period of the fixed term contract extrapolated (on a directly proportional basis) to the amount payable over a 12 month period.