Marketing is a constantly evolving profession. To make it in the marketing world, you will need more than business expertise. A marketing executive should always be in tune with economic, social and political changes to succeed in their career. In a highly competitive market it is important to make sure you are standing out. We’ve come up with a few essential qualities to enable a successful career:

Keep your eyes on the future

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, keeping your eye on the ball is essential to succeeding in today’s market. You must know where the market stands today and how your company is leading in its field and what the goals are for the next 12 months.

Be a people person

Marketing is based on the ability to work with a wide mix of a people. A person with good networks and contacts gets the best deal, and this is true even more in the case of marketing. Having support from all levels of the company, customers and people is a crucial feature of marketing.

Digital bandwagon 

The reality of the marketing industry is that the digital realm is king. Whilst there is space for traditional marketing techniques, you must know how to work in a virtual landscape and not be scared off by digital lingo.

Be big on data

The management and analysis of big data should be dictating any marketing team’s next moves. Data can reveal incredibly useful trends and patterns that can lead to huge improvements in a company’s business and marketing strategy.

Having the ability to innovate and think outside the box

 There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for being a marketer and mistakes will always be made. However, marketing has always been about innovation opportunities. Constantly looking at new ideas will keep you ahead of the game and competition.

Committed to the company

Loyalty can go a long way in business, and it’s unfortunately becoming less and less common. Being committed to the company you work for and being invested in where it is going can go a long way.

Consider studying

 Studying for a CIM or an equivalent qualification will look really good on your CV and ensure you are standing out from the competition.

Build your own brand

Think of yourself as a product, proposition or service, what is it about you that you want people to see? What behaviours should you be exhibiting? How should you relate with people and present yourself? Raise your profile internally and think about your expertise which you can share within your company as it’s the best way to get noticed and could lead to promotion.

Display Passion

To be successful in marketing, you need to have a passion for the product and the company you are working for. If you do not love the organisation or brand, you cannot market and promote the brand effectively.

Customer Focused

The basis of marketing is identifying and satisfying customer’s needs that too with profit. Hence every marketing professional should be able to identify the target audience, identify their needs and fulfil them.


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