GDPR is just around the corner and with the recruitment industry set to be affected, FWD Thinking wanted to make sure that both our candidates and clients are up to speed on what to expect in the next few months.

To give you a better understanding of GDPR we interviewed Matt Delargy; Head of Sales at Datasharp Integrated Communications in Bath. Matt recently hosted an introduction to GDPR at their offices on how they could help solve the network security challenges businesses need to address in the face of GDPR this year.

In simple terms what is GDPR?

‘GDPR comes into force in May 2018. This is a set of compliance rules over the handling of personal data of European Union citizens. It sets out governance for better data protection and the method of data processing, requiring a fundamental change to business security operations and technology deployed. Unfortunately, GDPR compliancy isn’t a straightforward checklist exercise or a technology issue alone. Its impact is organisation wide. Many aspects of the GDPR concern process and operational aspects of data protection, some of which can be enabled or at least be made more cost-effective by technology. Whilst there is no magic wand solution, security vendors and resellers can play an important role in helping companies to get prepared for GDPR compliancy.’

What is the point in the new laws?

‘This is a set of compliance rules over the handling of personal data for the protection of both European Union citizens, but also for the protection of all businesses. (The primary purpose of the GDPR is the protection of personal data, though doing so will also provide benefits to businesses in terms of building trust, credibility & reputation, and enhancing internal processes/productivity and security & business continuity. ‘

What type of businesses does it affect?

‘The GDPR applies to all companies that process personal data of European Union citizens (including companies not located in the EU but supplying products/services to EU citizens).’

How will this impact individuals?

‘The individual impact is positive, having governance in place to keep their data more secure. It is also positive for businesses: having a better hold on their data with the appropriate technology in place, will reduce the chance of breaches, fines and help maintain their credible reputation in the market. The GDPR requires an organisation to formulate measures to address these risks. Those measures may take the form of technical controls such as encryption or anonymisation of data.’

Can you give advice to individuals on how to deal with businesses holding their data going forward?

Datasharp Integrated Communications can offer insight of what is on a business’s network at any one time, where data sits and comes from and goes to. This is an important starting point. We can then see where there are weaknesses in the network and security. Working alongside our security partners, we can also make an introduction to advice on the correct process and management alongside the set of governance rules.

So, what does it mean for you as a candidate?

Your personal data will no longer be traded behind your back, candidates will have a say in what happens to their data.
There are six rights each data subject will have as listed by GDPR:
1. Right of access by the data subject: Candidates can request to be informed to what is going to be done with their data.
2. Right to rectification: Candidates can request to correct or update their data which is held on file.
3. Right to erasure: Candidates can request to erase their information from a database.
4. Right to restriction of processing: Candidates can request to suspend their data from being processed in a candidate database.
5. Right to data portability: Candidates can request to export all their data from a candidate database.
6. Right to object: Candidates can request to stop processing their data indefinitely.

FWD Thinking will be complying to the above and revamping our recruitment process to fit around these regulations. If you would like to discuss how it would affect you personally please call us. Similarly, if you are no longer looking for a change in career or wish to update your current information, please get in touch with us and let us know. / 01225 436 229