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When the Romans deserted Bath, they left a couple of things behind: world-famous architecture and a can-do attitude.

From straight roads, to hot baths and irresistible military conquests, they were most definitely what you’d call ‘doers’.

So it’s that relentless drive and searing ambition that makes FWD Thinking proudly (sort of) Roman.

Our ’empire’ was created to challenge the world of recruitment with intelligence and ambition. Not to mention style. Our clients consider us their most trusted ally, and candidates tell us they wouldn’t want anybody else stood by their side.

But there are other differences too.

While the Roman Empire’s thirst for wealth and territory took them all over Europe, Africa and Asia, the South West of England is our world. And we love it that way.

Another difference? We’re just very, very friendly.

Why fwd thinking?

Established in 2015, we lead with a unique motivation and vision.

We don’t just place jobs, we help professionals forge careers. We stand by our client’s side to help them build the right team, so they can build empires.

Insider network

We make time to build connections with the best talent in the South West. We genuinely enjoy putting in the extra work to get to know people and uncover what really matters to them.

Local knowledge

If there’s anything happening in the South West recruitment scene, we know about it. We’ve worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with local businesses to help them assemble winning teams.

We care

We do more than fill vacancies. We’re real people who’ll stand proudly in your corner. Fulfilling the true needs of our clients and candidates is what puts that shine in our eyes.

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